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New company website launched


We have launched a new company website where you can learn about our organization and view our price list.


About us


Ladies and Gentlemen,

All the products we offer come with a high-quality guarantee and at competitive prices!!!

          You are visiting the website owned by Dagestan Steklo Tara, OOO. We do appreciate the interest you have shown in our company. We offer the following items for delivery:

    • glass containers.


 Our modus operandi, which is also one of our main advantages, is to always try to meet our regular and potential customers halfway!


An ongoing commitment to personalizing our dealings with everyone who buys our products helps us find the most effective partnership arrangements. Our focus is not to land one or two orders that would work out to our advantage regardless of whether they accommodate the interests of our partners. Instead, we shoot for long-term, mutually beneficial relationships. Thanks to our long-standing partners, we have achieved our current level of success, and we hope to keep building on it in the future.


If you become our regular customer, you can rest assured we will do our best to offer you great bargains for our products through additional discounts or preferential terms of payment.


We invite all interested parties to join us for a long-term and mutually beneficial partnership.

If you have any questions, please contact our Commerce Department:

  • Address: ul. Leninа, No. 7, Dagestanskiye Ogni, 368670, Dagestan, Russia 
  • To contact our Reception Desk: +7 (988) 493-97-07
  • To contact our Chief Technology Officer: +7 (988) 291-84-34
  • To contact our Chief Commercial Officer: +7 (988) 309-02-02
  • To contact our Purchasing Department: +7 (988) 220-19-52
  • To contact our Sales Department: +7 (988) 780-2914, 206-35-35, 203-05-00, 203-06-00

We look forward to working with you 

Dagestan Steklo Tara, LLC, Dagestanskiye Ogni
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