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We have launched a new company website where you can learn about our organization and view our price list.


Glass containers

The container glass industry produces glass packaging for storage and transportation of consumer goods and agricultural products.

Material-wise, its products are different from wooden, plastic, or metal containers. For one thing, glass is usually reserved for making relatively small containers. In terms of structural rigidity and assembly characteristics, these products are classed under rigid, one-piece (non-separable) containers. Their reusability potential may vary, some are throwaway while others are returnable (multi-use).


The manufacture of glass containers is the dominant focus area for Dagestan Steklo Tara, OOO. Our production lines are mainly used for making container products out of glass.

Dagestan Steklo Tara, OOO makes use of the latest equipment to achieve high-quality production results.

Please contact our managers to get more detailed information about our prices, discounts, or any other topics you may be interested in.

Our contact details:


  • Address: ul. Leninа, No. 7, Dagestanskiye Ogni, 368670, Russia
  • Phone: +7(988)493-97-07
  • Тo contact our Chief Technology Officer: +7(988)291-84-34


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