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Dagestan Steklo Tara, OOO is Russia’s oldest glass industry enterprise. Founded in 1926, the company started out focusing on the production of sheet glass products, which served the needs of the young ‘Country of the Soviets,’ still busy rising from the ruins. In June 1941, their peaceful workplace environment was disrupted by the treacherous attack of the Nazi invaders. The facilities were converted to a wartime footing. At that time, their main production outputs were bottles for the famous Molotov Cocktail and ampoules for medicinal products. After the defeat of fascist Germany, the company, once again, switched to the production of non-war products, which were then in great demand. In the 1960–70s, they set out developing container glass production capabilities. The enterprise was acknowledged as the flagship of the USSR’s glass industry. The transition to the marketplace showed, however, that they were not prepared to work in the new environment. Their core products (building glass) could not successfully compete in the domestic market, in terms of either quality or price, with those imported from outside the republic. Yet another factor that came in the way of success was that the company’s production facilities, which had not seen any upgrades for several decades, were both worn-down and obsolete. In 2002, as the company took on new owners, the situation began to change dramatically. A plan was launched to recondition and upgrade the facilities.

The system of dosing lines installed in the batching plant and serving the needs of the glass container production plant saw an overhaul. The latter production plant received two new glass melting furnaces with respective capacities of 75 and 100 tonnes per day; another new construction project was a new chimney and flue system.

The fleet of glass-forming machines welcomed a new arrival, PVM-3, a machine designed to produce three-liter jars and boasting an output capacity of 20,000 items per day. The next step was an overhaul of two glass-forming machines, VV-7, designed to produce wide-neck containers and having a capacity of up to 40,000 items per day each. All inventory shortfalls (missing parts, etc.) reported for these machines were resolved.

Two other glass-forming machines, AL-106, were also overhauled and supplemented with missing components and spare parts, which were purchased for them in the Czech Republic.

Currently, Dagestan Steklo Tara, OOO specializes in the production of canning glass containers and food-grade glass bottles and jars. The main principle that shape our customer service philosophy is a commitment to delivering flexible pricing solutions and personalized customer experiences. Well-placed facilities and an extensive logistics system give us every opportunity to become the leading supplier of glass containers in the south of Russia. We are building ever stronger relationships with manufacturers of canned foods, both in Russia and abroad. One of Dagestan’s neighboring countries, Azerbaijan, purchases large quantities of glass containers for its food and canning industries.

While celebrating our achievements to date, we do not regard them as the final solution to the challenges we are facing by way of ongoing development. We are planning to upgrade our facilities further. We intend to join efforts with the Czech company Sklostroj to replace two glass container production lines with a view to creating opportunities to increase the quantity, quality, and variety of our production outputs to levels prescribed under European standards and, consequently, to reduce their cost. We also have plans to build new energy-saving furnaces and set up production lines for stained glass containers. The team of Dagestan Steklo Tara, OOO is optimistic about the future. Stable wage growth and social facility developments make our company an attractive workplace for young professionals, and our capacity upscaling projects facilitate the creation of new jobs, which is extremely important for this region.

We are willing to work with everyone who is interested in our products, including both private individuals and legal entities. You can find any information you are interested in by browsing our website at Please feel free to write, call, or visit us, we can always come to a mutually beneficial arrangement.



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